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Going Global

Going Global

  • By John Duran
  • Release 08/08/2014
  • Music Genre Pop
  • Media Format CD
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People are curious how creativity comes in one's composition and originality in song. I would say in a word 'gratitude'. We have all heard it many times before by musicians, actors, artists, etc., but one usually finds this truth through their own personal experience. Deep and profound gratitude, directed towards Omni-Presence in thankfulness, will always move us forward to a greater, more refined spiritual growth. We have been evolving steadily in our progress, reflect upon history one thousand years or five thousand years. Yes, we still witness war, hate, ignorance but we question our consciousness more deeply now and in turn we no longer feed people to the lions for entertainment. A line in the song Putting On The Jesus says 'love is what we need proposing destruction just ain't getting it done'. If we start seeing peace first in our minds eye and believing it to be, ultimately we will cross the threshold of absolute knowing, acknowledging all possibilities. It is our responsibility to manifest peace as a higher and pleasing state for mankind. We shall have it when people are determined to attract such a state. When critical mass becomes grounded in equanimity of mind and spirit of universal love, the highest good for all is achieved. Once reached, this magnitude of those moving forward cannot be denied their rising eminence. If one were to ask how this nirvana is manifested, I would say in a word 'gratitude'. John Duran Going Global: Reflections of Songs 1. When You Got Love: This song has received many accolades and deeply enjoyed by audiences, from the upbeat tempo and lyrics the song just seems to work. I was sincerely once told there were angels in the song. My response: 'I am always open to entertaining the idea of a great harp player'. 2. Intuition Falters: Living with determination to fulfill one's self with a higher purpose in life and not to falter in faith. 3. Great Poets Gone: A song of transcendence of the spirit/soul/silent witness. Inspired by great past transcendental authors Emerson, Thoreau, Prentice Mulford. My days spent walking and contemplating in the wilderness canyons of California reading and absorbing your thoughts & manuscripts of life. Spirit and the Universe, I am most grateful. 4. Now's The Time: This song came to me after I had read the book 'The Power Of Now'' by Eckhart Tolle, truly a great author and spiritual teacher. 5. I Am: Before the music, before the words, before the thought, always within and centered your eternal companion. 6. Putting On The Jesus: Song about how Regeneration supersede Reincarnation. 7. Two Hearts Collide: A love song and ballad that some have said to be the perfect wedding song. 8. Hope/Mother Earth: My small part in creating consciousness and awareness for the well being of this planet and for the enjoyment of future generations. 'In the eyes of newborn babes where the spirit radiates'. 9. Renoir Air: Picture as if a great artist, perhaps Renoir, painting a beautiful life with strokes of care and love. This song reflects that love and what families cope with when dealing with the painstaking and devastating disease of a love one with Alzheimer's. 10.Let's Join Eve: Living a life as viewed from a spiritual aspect. This song is the vehicle to where you are taken to that vision of possibilities.


Artist: John Duran
Title: Going Global
Genre: Pop
Release Date: 08/08/2014
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 852678998444


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