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Tokaji Prayer

Tokaji Prayer

  • By John Kuzenski
  • Release 19/03/2014
  • Music Genre Dance
  • Media Format CD
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Product Notes

Tokaji Prayer is the debut collection of electronica/new age compositions from John Kuzenski, reflecting a range of emotions within a musical simplicity not regularly found in modern electronica and new age music. Each piece of the album represents a confidence in the sweeping, moving power of two key but often, it seems, overlooked musical building blocks: longer harmonic chords (sometimes touched by the emotional wave of the discordant, as is life) with simple but appealing melodies, and the power of repetition (a la Tangerine Dream, one of Kuzenski's early favorite influences in the genre) that then requires a deeper place-- emotion, sensation, feeling, passion for the next engaging step in the musical equation-- to find the right combination from among keys, chords, chord roots and the incredible, beautiful range of instruments at the composer's disposal to bring out the intended expression. Each selection on Tokaji Prayer (pronounced toe-KAI- ee) goes to a different but very intentional emotional and aesthetic place, as a result. The title track, for example, reflects the pride, hard work and joy of the people of the Eastern Hungarian Tokaj region, as well as it's stunning natural beauty amidst the human-created struggles that have marred it through it's proud history. The imperial, majestic tone of 'Accession Hymn for the New Pharaoh' brings with it a proud but formal sense, as well as being a useful test of the bass range of the listener's speakers! There are softer, more reflective moments, as on 'The Innocence and Reality of Passion,' but in keeping with the title, there is always a greater danger for more intense pain within the passionate as the appropriate risk for the greater promise of reward from it's blessings. There is outright sadness, but also deeper reflection and a degree of recuperation and redemption on 'Loss' and 'Healing,' as the titles suggest. 'Requiescant,' of course, is Latin for 'May they rest,' and is often used in the phrase 'Requiescant in Pace' (may they rest in peace) to respect the dead. The chorus and melody of this song, however, leave the judgment call about 'peace' to the listener. And there is also happiness... lightness... goodness.... to be found, as is there always in our moments of the blackest darkness- be it in the stronger 'Zsuzsanna' or the lighter, bouncier and more guitar-driven 'Morning: The Light.' Taken together, the songs of Tokaji Prayer tell a story-- or perhaps it's a multitude of stories-- about feelings common to us all. It's a celebration of the good, of the joyous, to be sure. . . but it's ultimate intent through it's highly accessible musical parsimony is also to call attention to the more sinister, the darker, the conflicting feelings of euphoria and pain that events and people can have upon us, or even as we learn to reject the artifact that threatens to consume our lives, taking responsibility for ourselves, how others can affect us with their own artifact... their secret (or not-so-secret) machinations. There is no blame, guilt or perhaps even congratulations to be suggested in these stories. They are things that happen with which we must simply deal that create our modified reality in the moment. But so, too, we must feel to value or judge these things properly in the context we choose for them. We must always and deeply. . . feel. Credits: All songs written by (c) 2014 John C. Kuzenski (BMI) All instruments: John Kuzenski Original photography: Christine Haight. All rights reserved.


Artist: John Kuzenski
Title: Tokaji Prayer
Genre: Dance
Release Date: 19/03/2014
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 888174661872


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