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Jon Alkalay

Jon Alkalay

  • By Jon Alkalay
  • Release 28/01/2014
  • Music Genre Dance
  • Media Format CD
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Never say never. A lifelong dream is coming to fruition right before our eyes for Jon Alkalay, Austin's latest up and coming indie musician who's spinning an eclectic mix of dance-pop that's destined for the best playlists and club mixes around the country. Fresh off his first two singles and music videos for "Putting Myself First" and "GPS", this is an artist on the precipice of explosion. Born in Brazil and transplanted to the musical hotbed of Austin, Texas, Alkalay brought his international influences to America in hopes of carving out his own niche in the music business. Discouraged but not defeated by the collapse of the industry in 2003 brought on by internet piracy and downloading, his dream was put on ice for the next decade. After hitting YouTube in early November 2013, Alkalay's debut single "Putting Myself First" immediately started racking up thousands of views from dance and electronica fans from around the globe. Influenced by a versatile range of artists such as Zedd, Pet Shop Boys, Depeche Mode, Madonna, Adam Lambert, David Guetta and many others, his inspiration and affinity for crafting infectious and memorable hit leaves an immediate, lasting impression on the listener. Alkalay wrote, produced and recorded himself all of the 12 songs on his debut album. With designs on promoting the record at clubs around the country, "Putting Myself First" and "GPS" are just the fuses that has lit the beginning of a promising young career. Connect with him on Facebook or Twitter to stay updated on all of the latest news. ArtistPr - November 2013 'Growing up in Brazil and later on moving to Austin, TX exposed me to so many different influences.... but it all started at home, my dad was a classical music aficionado and wonderful baritone and my mom, who emigrated from Portugal, continues singing Fados beautifully. Besides these huge influences, I grew up listening to different Latin, American and European pop, rock and EDM, which is all reflected in the music I make. I moved to the US in the midst of the music industry collapsing due to all piracy and internet, which ended up forcing me to take a new direction in life. I have been a very successful executive from an important insurance company over the past ten years, but the music has been always there; suffocated.... Thus, I decided it was time to let it come out again and live my real and only dream, to be an artist. Now, I count on your support to help me not get back into an office :) Thanks for listening!' Jon.


Artist: Jon Alkalay
Title: Jon Alkalay
Genre: Dance
Release Date: 28/01/2014
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 888295049993


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