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  • By Karen Nielsen
  • Release 12/02/2013
  • Music Genre Dance
  • Media Format CD
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WOMAN debuted at #20 on the college electronic music charts (CMJ RPM) on February 5, 2013 after just one week. Karen's music merges industrial electronic beats and cinematic orchestration with a voice that seems to come from the bottom of her soul. She lures you into her sonic world. Once you are there, it is difficult to escape, though you may not want to. Her deep and layered arrangements create the atmosphere for her darkly poetic lyrics. Each song feels like it's own epic film noir as she sings about the secret parts of our psyche. In her own words: "We live in a world of mass distraction. Bombarded by facebook and tweeting and texting and reality shows. But this is not reality. We have learned to fear reality. We have learned to fear our dark emotions because they make us vulnerable. So we hide these emotions, we bury them beneath the surface. But the raw experience of feeling is beautiful even if it is often painful. It is what makes us human and connects us as human beings. Without it we are vacuous. Our emotions do not exist in isolation. They are layered and complex. Beneath the surface we are passionate, we are angry. We are guilty, we are proud. We are scared, we are strong, we are wounded. We are mean, giving, untrustworthy and loyal. We are lost and looking for answers and can make mistakes in finding them. We are beautiful and grotesque. We have things that make us unlovable. We want to be loved. And so I offer you my new album WOMAN. I wrote these songs to connect with you. I wrote them to connect with myself. I wrote them because I am alive, I am a human, I am woman'. Karen's music was born while she was attending medical school, which was an unusual place for her to end up after receiving her degree in theater. She didn't quite fit the mold of a medical school applicant. Music may have saved her life during her medical training. Not literally, but it pulled her out of some very dark corners. She says, 'When you are working 80-100 sleepless hours a week there is no room for expression. And you need it when surrounded by so much death and sadness'. She sought solace in writing, arranging, and recording her own music. Karen has evolved from those harsh days of medical training. And while she still writes and sings about the hidden sides of our psyche, she has let go of a lot of the internal angst she experienced and wrote about on her first album, Animals in the Street. Her music is now an external lamentation and she approaches those darker topics with confidence and femininity. This can be heard on WOMAN, which was released February 12, 2013. Karen wrote, recorded, arranged and produced WOMAN in it's entirety as she did with her first album, Animals in the Street. Animals in the Street also charted and peaked at #27 on the CMJ RPM charts. Both albums were mixed and mastered by Darren Morze.


Artist: Karen Nielsen
Title: Woman
Genre: Dance
Release Date: 12/02/2013
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 884501852692


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