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Pretend the World

Pretend the World

  • By Kathryn Kysar
  • Release 28/06/2014
  • Music Genre Spoken
  • Media Format CD
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Product Notes

Thanks to partial funding from the Minnesota State Arts Board, Kathryn Kysar and friends bring a plethora of voices, music, new interpretations to her poems. The album features writers Joyce Sutphen, Leslie Adrienne Miller, John Minczeski, Susan Power, Sun Yung Shin, April Gibson, Jim Heynen, Stephanie Wilber Ash, Marie Olofsdotter, Kris Bigalk, Hawona Sullivan Janzen, David Lawrence Grant, and Ka Vang, musicians Glen Helgeson and Sean Egan, and singers Anna George Meek and Maria Jette. Praise for the poems in Pretend the World: 'In Kathryn Kysar's poems, culture and history become an umbilical cord burrowed deep into Midwestern soil, spiraling and reemerging, literally, in China. These are poems that merge landscape and interiority to re-inspire life. What results is a voice strong and delicate as a nexus of white tree branches mid-winter, emanating poem after gorgeous poem that in total whisper like wind over land and water the constant reminder: 'we are all learning to leave.' Profound, wise, playful, Kysar is a rare and amazing poet. A beautiful, awesome book of graces to be wildly celebrated.' ~Ed Bok Lee, author of Real Karaoke People and Whorled "There is little pretense in Kate Kysar 's Pretend the World. Rich with personal and family memories, the poems are gifts of the human spirit that come alive through the intimate particulars of a life fully lived." ~Jim Heynen, author of The Boy's House and Standing Naked "In poems that "tick from her tongue," Kathryn Kysar skillfully weaves the personal with the political. I'm thinking of pieces like "Cutting Bread" and "Playing with Planes," but also "the weight of war in a mother's heart." This is a sure lyric voice rooted in the Midwest, but also the world at large. In language both precise and vivid ("Exactness is [her] prayer"), we experience "soft, tendril-like bones" and watch as "[c]rimson curls a leaf's edge." Pretend the World brings to mind, but with a twist, that Whitmanic ethos: who touches this [book], touches a woman." ~Francisco Aragón, author of Puerta del Sol and Glow of Our Sweat "Balancing the delicate acts of loving and grieving, Kathryn Kysar microscopes the world of modern woman/motherhood. Kysar's ability to politicize parenting and gender offer a gripping but blunt way of seeing the lives we create, the wars we wage, the things we consume, and the connections we make without overbearing sentimentality or righteousness. Pretend the World is a searing testament to being a mother in a world filled with monsters." ~Marina Carreira, Poetry Foundation "Kathryn Kysar's collection of poems heaves with the natural world, motherhood, war, and rock n' roll. The gems in this collection are plenty and shiny. Kysar is one of those writers who effortlessly links the natural world to current events - which is something extremely difficult to do effectively without sounding contrived. In her poem "Last October," she writes: "The goose, fat and / heavy at the lake's edge, / is the weight of war / in a mother's heart." With simple grace, Kysar transitions to heavier and more controversial topics, adding a new level of perception to our surrounding great outdoors." ~Melissa Wray, Hazel and Wrenn.


Artist: Kathryn Kysar
Title: Pretend the World
Genre: Spoken
Release Date: 28/06/2014
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 798576710323


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