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Laurel Zucker: Coffeeland /  Various

Laurel Zucker: Coffeeland / Various

  • By Various Artists
  • Release 25/07/2013
  • Media Format CD
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CoffeeLand is music composed by Laurel Zucker, for woodwinds and strings. Every track has a true story without words. In ORCA you can hear the orca whales jumping up beside the boat playing with each other. The Lighthouse in the Harbor is a French Horn Solo played by Eric Aichen that brings out the sounds of the lighthouse at night. Friday Harbor is in the state of Washington. You take a great boatride from Port Townsend and then hang out for the day! Christolino Wind Quintet has the sounds of the Christolino River rushing by in Alta Florestra in Brazil. Geo-magnetic Curiosity, HAARP, Irregularities and Aurora Borealis are all about the science of the earth. If you look up each title before listening and read a bit about it you will really enjoy the sounds. Ambata is the busy marketplace in Equador. The flute and bassoon bustle around and about each other just like it is in Equador. The Washington State Flute Concerto has three movements. Movement I is all about how much we LOVE coffee and how it makes us feel! Movement II, Green Forest is about how mysterious the forest looks on a dark rainy day in March in Washington. Movement III, Gallapin ' Gertie is the first name that todays' Narrows Bridge (linking Tacoma to Washington Peninsula) was dubbed. In 1940 only a couple of months after it was built, this long suspension bridge began to swing and sway in the wind. Suddenly the bridge begins to smash into the water. If you want to see a real video of the bridge swinging and falling go to youtube and look up Gallapin' Gertie. It is amazing. No person was hurt, but a small dog did die. In this music you can hear how dizzy you feel with the swaying and falling, the confusion of what was happening and the dissonance of the wind whistling around the harbor. You actually may feel a bit dizzy after hearing this 3 minute piece. Middle Eastern fixation for Solo Picollo ( Stephanie McNab), Solo Oboe (Deb Shidler) and String Quintet ( David Goldberg, Dan Banner, Stephanie Fong, Thomas Van Dyck and Sara Knutsen) is all about how Cairo felt a month before The People Revolution took place. The energy was crazy feeling and crackled all around. This piece is about how we are fixated on the middle east and the oil we buy from it.


Title: Laurel Zucker: Coffeeland / Various
Release Date: 25/07/2013
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 884501934824
Item #: 806080X
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