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Live at the Purple Moon 1995

Live at the Purple Moon 1995

  • By Laurie McClain
  • Release 01/08/2014
  • Music Genre Folk
  • Media Format CD
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The Purple Moon Coffeehouse was a magical place that only existed for about a year in Lincoln, Nebraska from 1994-1995. Created by AA and NA folks who wanted a place to gather and listen to music without alcohol being served, The Purple Moon became a safe haven of love, acceptance, coffee, cigarette smoke (ugh) and the best listening audience a folk singer like me could ever hope to find. These people were hippies, business folks, dreamers, artists, seekers, bikers, psychics - some sober for decades, some for one day, and some only looking for a place to hang and listen to live acoustic music. I was fortunate enough to land a weekly gig there for a year. Every Thursday night I would put my kids to bed and show up about 10pm and play until 3am. They would pass the hat a few times and in it was enough for this single mother of three to pay our grocery bill for the week! I found my voice at The Purple Moon. I wrote many songs I still sing today during the year I played there. This album is dedicated to sweet folks that frequented The Purple Moon, and especially to Linda, the gentle Matriarch of the Purple Moon Coffeehouse. Love & Peace, Laurie 'Laurie has got to be from another planet. I've never met anyone - except maybe Richie Havens - who is so open-hearted and full of love for humanity, yet who appears to experience life on a different plane than everybody else. Her music is as innocent as it is informed by experience, as playful as it is rooted, and as detail-oriented as it is grand in scope.' -DEVON SPROULE "Laurie McClain is my favorite songwriter in the whole world." -DONNA MULHOLLAN (STILL ON THE HILL) 'Laurie is a true artist. She opens hearts and sings from a place of depth and love. She held my tough NYC audience with her masterful storytelling, strong lyrics and vulnerable voice, moving them to tears and laughter. If she is performing anywhere near you, run to see her. You will not be disappointed; you will be transformed.' -KATHRYN, KATHRYN'S HOUSE CONCERT SERIES, NYC "Laurie's voice feels like my favorite moisturizer; it sinks in quickly and starts to heal. Her songs go deep and they stay with you."-SUZY BOGGUSS 'Laurie's voice has a raw, genuine classic folk resonance that pulls you into every song."-SINGER MAGAZINE "Laurie turns each venue into her own living room, and each listener into a new friend with her disarming humor and passionate performance. Laurie's songs explore the themes of identity, growth, friendship and love in a way that always honors the fundamental mysteries of the human journey. She's a gem of uniqueness and authenticity.'-JM KEARNS.


Artist: Laurie McClain
Title: Live at the Purple Moon 1995
Genre: Folk
Release Date: 01/08/2014
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 888174933245


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