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From Back of Beyond

From Back of Beyond

  • By Mark Davis
  • Release 21/10/2014
  • Music Genre Rock
  • Media Format CD
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Mark Davis and the Inklings -- From Back Of Beyond (In Tribute to Duane Jarvis) In the years after we stopped playing together regularly, every time DJ and I would cross paths, he would rave about the "great record we made." He was talking about a live-to-2-track session our band recorded in one long day at The Control Center in Hollywood back in 1991. Nowadays, I wonder why we didn't put it out as a record back then. It just wasn't "how it was done," I suppose. But there's something special we captured, and Duane's magic is all over the place. My favorites are his noisy chaos at the end of "Is That Right?," squeezed out of our 3 a.m. fatigue; his spontaneous "woo!" during the violin solo on "When Ya Gonna Come On Down." When I learned of Duane's passing in 2009, I knew I wanted to put the record out for him. What you have here is that session, sandwiched between new recordings of two songs DJ and I wrote together, "Back of Beyond" and "Dove in the Snow." We did these at the studio of Kevin Jarvis (DJ's brother), where we borrowed some magic from Duane's guitars, wonderfully brought forth by Rich McCulley. The last track is a little window into DJ's 1994 Santa Monica apartment as he and I worked up a 4-track demo of "Back of Beyond." The title "Back Of Beyond" came from Duane- I hadn't heard the phrase before he mentioned it to me, speaking something about the spiritual realm. I like to think - and perhaps you'll join me in the thought - that he's listening right along with us, sending us that mischievous smile we all loved, from back of beyond. 50% of proceeds from sales of this record will be donated to Sweet Relief Musicians Fund in Duane's honor- -- Mark, August 2014 1991 Sessions (Tracks 2-10): Produced by Dan Fredman Recorded live to two-track tape at The Control Center, Hollywood, CA Engineered by Eric Westfall Duane Jarvis- guitar, mandolin, vocals Scott Babcock- drums, percussion Todd Compton- violin Mark Davis- guitar, vocals Dan Fredman- bass Andrea Maybaum- vocals Special thanks to Sandy Tanaka for guidance and support through those years 2014 Sessions (Tracks 1 & 11): Produced by Mark Davis Recorded at Sonic Boom Room, Venice, CA Engineered by Kevin Jarvis Additional tracks recorded at Laurel Lane Studios, San Luis Obispo, CA, Engineered by Damon Castillo Todd Compton- violin Mark Davis- guitar, vocals Dan Fredman- bass Karoline Hausted- vocals Kevin Jarvis- drums, percussion Bob Liepman- cello Wendy Liepman- vocals Rich McCulley- Duane's guitars All tracks mastered by Rick Sutton at Sutton Sound, Atascadero, CA All songs written by Mark Davis, c 1991 inkling music, except "Back of Beyond" and "Dove in the Snow," written by Duane Jarvis and Mark Davis, Casa De DJ/Inkling Music c1994 Photo of Duane Jarvis by Jenine-Lacette DShazer©2008.


Artist: Mark Davis
Title: From Back of Beyond
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 21/10/2014
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 888295164146


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