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Bag-Up or Mask-Up Vol. 1

Bag-Up or Mask-Up Vol. 1

  • By MI5Led
  • Release 01/10/2013
  • Music Genre Rap/Hip Hop
  • Media Format CD
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Product Notes

When people hear about Badazz Entertainment, they'll usually discuss the artists Lil Boosie. While Lil Boosie's skills and resent Not Guilty verdict for murder have earning him considerable notoriety in the World News and Rap World, the streets want to know what happen in Chicago. Baton Rouge and Chicago are now seeing a new, promising rap star rise to fame. This rapper's name is MI5Led. MI5Led and the Anti-fukboi Movement that he started is being embraced by young hip-hop enthusiasts throughout the south and Midwest, particularly in The Midwest & The South. MI5Led has come out with street tapes like 'I Done it All' featuring Lil Boosie among others including the cotroversial songs 'Right or Wrong (RIP m-dot)' & 'Lil Webster' (a diss track/video aimed at Trill Ent. Artist Webbie). 'Lil Webster' went viral ending with a phone conversation with Ms. Connie Hatch (Lil Boosie's Mother) & MI5Led. Both songs were in defence of the incarcerated Lil Boosie. Many fans of this artist can only describe his music as part of Free Lil Boosie movement that needs to be experienced in order to be fully comprehended. His music is gangsta, and able to communicate with street youths due to it's respectability. Misled is now working with several producers to reach the next level of success. Currently, Misled is learning about the complexities of the rap world from Lil Boosie, as he sits in his cell awaiting his release date in 2014. Still, MI5Led exhibits a huge amount of effort, consistancy, hard work and street loyalty for the incarcerated Lil Boosie which has generated alot of success thus far. His music might seem to be written for the gangsta's, though MI5Led says that he has a higher number of fans who are females. Fans, as well as MI5Led himself, have described his sound as a combination of Gangsta meets Midwest. MI5Led cites that his aspiration is to show what the Midwest is all about. While Misled was born in Indiana he was raised in Illinois. During a long conversation with Lil Boosie, just two days before he got incarcerated, MI5Led told him 'Imma hold you down while you gone Bro'. That statement and Midwest morals sparked a whole new world of musical possibilities for himself. As he was developing, Misled tended to idolize American gangsta's and hustlers. At this point in his life, he couldn't see beyond becoming one or the other as an adult. Fortunately, Misled discovered hip hop music - an excellent way to make money and express his natural creativity. His goal, as a rap artist, is to create a real music network in the Midwest and hold his mentor, Lil Boosie. Misled uses his musical talents to convey his own life and emotions, and uses this to connect with his audience. During 2013, Misled has appeared on multiple mixtapes, and is going to continue recording for the foreseeable future with Badazz Ent./Antifukboi Productions. MI5Led thinks of himself as 'Ya Favorite Cuzin up-North', 'I am the one holding you down out here in these streets.', he says, 'Only reason I took my foot off these ----- necks is because momma asked me to... I love you Ms. Connie, I Love you T-Pam.' Listen to some of MI5Led's raps and you'll learn more about the newest movement in Southern and Midwest rap ... Anti-fukboi Movement!!


Artist: MI5Led
Title: Bag-Up or Mask-Up Vol. 1
Genre: Rap/Hip Hop
Release Date: 01/10/2013
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 884501956925


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