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Planxty Hugh O'Donnell & Traditional Set Dances: O

Planxty Hugh O'Donnell & Traditional Set Dances: O

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The Official List III is the third of a series of recordings dedicated strictly to Set Dances. In 2007, An Coimisiun le Rinci Gaelacha proposed new speeds for the Traditional Set Dances with a view of introducing them globally. In 2010, for the first time, both the original speeds and the new speeds were used in competition at The All-Irelands. As more and more Regional Oireachtasi introduce traditional Set Dance Competitions, and decide on which speeds they wish to introduce at the Regional competitive level, the need to record this CD was realized. As it appears that both speeds may co-exist regionally and internationally for the foreseeable future, in an attempt to accommodate all dancers, this CD presents the tunes at both speeds. This way, depending on which speeds your Regional Council decides on, teachers and students alike will have the flexibility and option of both the original and the new speeds. Also included on this recording is the newest Set Dance approved for solo competitive dancing, namely, Planxty Hugh O'Donnell. Effective September 1, 2010, Planxty Hugh O'Donnell will officially join the list of accepted Set Dances for solo competition. Also on that date, the Deep Green Pool will be removed from the list of approved Set Dances. Planxty Hugh O'Donnell is a Jig Set Dance in 6/8 time signature, written by the late great harpist of Ireland, Turlough O' Carolan. This tune has a bar configuration of 16 bars in the "A" part or "Step" and 16 bars in the "B" part or "Set". The tune is very melodic and very danceable, and will give dancing teachers an instant alternative to both The Blackthorn Stick and The Drunken Gauger in demonstrating their dancer's skill and stamina at the Championship level, without the drawbacks of an unpredictably difficult-to-play tune like The Deep Green Pool. On this recording, I am offering a selection of speeds for this "new "Set Dance. Whatever your dancer's speed is for Planxty Hugh O'Donnell, it can be found here on this one recording. While considering Planxty Hugh O'Donnell, other tunes written by O'Carolan were also scrutinized for consideration and possible inclusion onto the list of approved set dances. While these tunes were not successful at this point in time, there are always future possibilities! I have included them on this recording for your enjoyment simply as bonus tracks. Wishing you every dancing success!


Artist: Michael Fitzpatrick
Title: Planxty Hugh O'Donnell & Traditional Set Dances: O
Genre: International
Release Date: 01/09/2010
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 786851292428


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