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John M. Peters, Music Watch #11 (Great Britain) Moods is a superb album and a showcase for non-American jazz, and is rapidly becoming one of my albums of the year...... ......One seldom equates Austria with having any significant jazz talent, outside of Joe Zawinul, but Moods, by Michaela Rabitsch and Robert Pawlik, proves conclusively that jazz lives on in Austria. Karl Stober, Jazzreview (USA) High Class, Sassy Brass...that is the ever-evolving legacy of the Rabitsch & Pawlik duet when their Moods spin you! ...This is an innovative jazz disc, bright, precise, and most of all, diabolically up tempo! .... This quartet has a sophisticated way of creating original selections while at the same time, articulating their musicianship to the next level. Seeing this ensemble live has to be a dynamic kick! .... Jim Santella, LA Jazz Scene Vocals and instrumentals stir the pot with a hearty, foot-tappin' thrill that's driven by the ensemble's convincing jazz and blues. Michaela Rabitsch sings with genuine authority and plays both trumpet and flugelhorn well. Her instrumental textures recall the best of Miles Davis while her vocals stand alone as a fresh voice that means every word. She tells stories through her original lyrics and enjoys wordless vocals with her Latin numbers, recalling the excitement of Tania Maria and the sensuality of Astrud Gilberto. My favorite selection? All ten! The quartet's music sends chills up and down my spine. Hilary Matfess, The Metro Spirit Weekly (USA, AUGUSTA, GA) ... "Moods" is a record that can transform the most pedestrian of places into an underground jazz club.......a superb album. Michael P. Gladstone, All About Jazz (USA, New York) .... a reasonably unique ensemble ..... Chris Spector, Midwest Record Recap (USA, IL) What is it about Europe that turns out woman trumpet players that have a great jazz sense? The ones that know how to hit it really know how to hit and Rabitsch is one of the ones in the winner's circle..... this is a great example of the fun kind of jazz that makes people that think they didn't like jazz get turned on. From Austria they come and this trumpet/guitar led crew just might conquer the world with their sound. Brad Stone, KSJS 90.5 FM (USA, CA) One of the most original CD's to come out in 2008 Don W. Seven, LMNOP Magazine (USA, Chatanooga, TN) One thing that sets these folks apart from the average jazz act is the fact that not only does Michaele sing...but she is also an accomplished trumpet player. This, combined with her husband's incredibly fluid guitar playing, gives their music an inviting sound with occasional Latin flavors. Moods is a very subtle yet stylish album featuring flawless playing and instantly additive rhythms. Rotcod Zzaj, Improvijazzation Nation #83 (USA) Austrian jazz vocalist & trumpet/flugelhorn artist Michaela blends together with Pawlik's superb guitar phrasings to render an album that's most enjoyable and full of great jazz energy. The arrangements are superb as well,... they will snare your ears in a matter of seconds. The word that sticks in my mind as I listen through this fantastic CD is - 'diversity'... it's clear from the listening that these players are comfortable with differences, and in my mind, that makes their music immediately accessible. Their album gets a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED from these old ears. Rich McCracken III, The Metro Spirit (AUGUSTA, GA) The Michaela Rabitsch and Robert Pawlik quartet have a unique sound for jazz quartet, ..... David Wilson, Wilson & Alroy (USA) ?This Viennese combo is not your usual 'she sings, he plays guitar' jazz couple. For one thing, Rabitsch is an accomplished, fluid trumpeter, ..... Mikolaj Furmankiewitcz, HMP Magazine-Department of Virtuosity (Polen) Their music is booming and they can feel empowered in the jazz world! 'A modern day female Chet Baker' (Kyle O' Brien, Jazzscene, Oregon, USA) With 'moods' Michaela Rabitsch - singer and Austria's only female top jazztrumpetplayer and her congenius partner - guitarist Robert Pawlik are presenting 10 original songs out of their lifes. Once melancholic subtle then full of energetic power, once mysterious, once offensive - as moody as life can be. With lyrics, directly accessed from life, they are touching with tunes which play through all the facetes of being. Once it concerns the quiet lonely moments, then again about rollicking pleasure, the infinite wideness of the African savanna and the fascinating calmness of the Cubanes, bibulous nights in the pub or morbide thoughts about the end. With brilliant instrumental technic and a silky velvet voice they are clothing their songs into a trendy, smooth - cool jazzrobe. Music for body and soul! Jazz and the Viennese soul can be found in a very unique way. A moody disk. Michaela Rabitsch - vocals, trumpet, flugelhorn, Robert Pawlik - guitar, Karl Sayer - doubble bass and Joris Dudli - drums and special appearance of Albert Kreuzer - electric bass (track 2, 4, 8) and Kornél Horváth - percussions (track 1, 2, 4)


Artist: Michaela Rabitsch
Title: Moods
Genre: Jazz
Release Date: 10/06/2014
Label: Preiser Records
Media Format: CD
UPC: 9005346172726


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