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Rail River & Road

Rail River & Road

  • By Nightflyer
  • Release 20/08/2014
  • Music Genre Country
  • Media Format CD
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Product Notes

About the CD "Rail River & Road" is Nightflyer's second album and much like the first self-titled debut, Nightflyer's dynamic arrangements and delivery make for a non-stop ride in this full 13 song excursion. It is a compilation of mostly original tunes mixed with some carefully selected covers all treated with Nightflyer's distinctive sound. There is something for every bluegrass fan. From blistering fast and driving (Train, Train) to gospel (Gospel News) to high lonesome (Old River) and back around to solid grass with a contemporary feel (Seven Devils Ridge) -- and a lot more in between. This collection has it all yet still manages to create one consistent sound that is undeniably Nightflyer. Taken from the 'Rail River & Road' liner notes, written by Shawn Lane of Blue Highway: "Through the years, there's been some great music that has formed and launched from the state of Ohio. Nightflyer is keeping that tradition alive. The music you'll find on this album has a creative, contemporary edge to it and it comes to you through new songs. I love that! If you're a bluegrass fan, and you like traveling through new songs to new places, I think you'll enjoy your journey through this album, Rail River & Road." About the Band: Nightflyer, named in honor of Tony Rice's song and album of the same name, consists of a group of talented professionals hailing from Southwestern Ohio. Although together for only a few short years, the group has developed a distinctive sound by combining carefully selected and arranged songs with stellar singing and playing. Not only do they have two tremendous lead singers in Richard Propps and Ronnie Stewart, who take turns on soaring tenor, but all five guys sing at least one lead vocal a set and do a standout job. You will hear everything from a duet to three- and four-part harmony. The show is always captivating with complex dynamics and -- although everybody wants to claim it, they own it -- DRIVE. Their sound is mostly contemporary with strong traditional bluegrass roots, a little gospel and a touch of the blues thrown in. Their enthusiasm for performing is infectious. Once you see them you will be hooked! Excerpts from reviews on Nightflyer's self-titled debut CD: "... there's definitely going to be a new group to look for traveling the bluegrass festival circuit. ... The boys in Nightflyer seem to offer something for any bluegrass fan to enjoy. ... Strong vocals are delivered by all band members as nearly all of them are featured on at least one vocal number ... The band really seems to keep toes tapping. The band members are all greatly talented and showcase their skills throughout the album, keeping listeners intrigued through all thirteen of the album's tracks. Nightflyer's drive and wonderful mix of haunting ballads, gospel songs, and straight ahead bluegrass is sure to appeal to a wide array of listeners." ~ John Goad. © 2012 Bluegrass Today "This is a very enjoyable production from this powerful southwestern Ohio quintet ... Nightflyer's success owes much to a selection of excellent material ... soaring vocals match the fiery instrumental work. Let's hope that Nightflyer keeps flying on for many more albums to come." ~ RDS. © 2012 Bluegrass Unlimited "They have an exceptional lead singer in Richard Propps, and they have well-executed, powerful harmony arrangements. Each of the members is in total command of their chosen instrument, not relying on "stock" licks but rather bringing creative energy to the instrumentals. They've got all the tools they need, or anyone could want, but these guys aren't about showiness and "hot licks." Aside from the instrumental and vocal prowess, there is a cohesiveness to this group that seems natural and comfortable, belying the group's relatively short existence. ... speaks volumes about the bands ability to perform rock solid, driving bluegrass. But the real story of the album is the ability the band has to round up lesser known material that fits them perfectly. The diverse selection of material indicates the group can get their arms and hearts around pretty much anything you throw their way." ~ Joe Steiner, VP of NIBGA; DJ at WLFC.


Artist: Nightflyer
Title: Rail River & Road
Genre: Country
Release Date: 20/08/2014
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 801639630527


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