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Living with the Beatles

Living with the Beatles

  • By Pedro Guasti
  • Release 05/06/2007
  • Music Genre Rock
  • Media Format CD
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With their music, on first place, but also with their attitude towards life, the Beatles spread an infinite amount of people worldwide. The influence they had was so strong and absolute, that lead to the birth of the beatlemania, a phenomenon that doesn't seem to decrease after 35 years of the group's dissolution. Since then, generations of children have slept with the music of the Beatles. Personally, I had the chance of living the magic that in that time floated in the atmosphere and surrounded us. Although back then the world wasn't much better place than the current one, at least there was hope that things could change. In my case, since my childhood, took over me, in a subtle and almost imperceptible way, the love for the Beatles' music. For this reason, I have been including songs from them in my productions, since time ago. Now, at last, I have had the courage to record a disc that contains exclusively their songs, in arrangements I have made myself for my instrument. According to the adaptation of their music to the guitar, I understood in a better way why we liked their songs so much. The creative melody lines, fresh, and therefore direct, are supported by harmonies that, being simple in it's majority, follow very interesting sequences. All that is structured in a characteristic style very well defined, that within time became the signature of the Beatle music. As a complement to it there are lyrics, inspired and suggestive, that in many cases talk about love, vital pulse of human existence. With this little tribute I would like to thank, in my way, everything that they have given us with their music. Given the current state of the world, I would like to add that the same as the Beatles themselves divulged with effort: "All you need is love" Pedro Guasti Do you want Pedro play in your area?... tell us the place, the day and the time. Mail: Pedro Guasti Novales Hidalgo 906 pte. Col. El Mirador Monterrey Nuevo León, México cp. 64000 Phone: (52) (818) 340 62 17 Manager: Patricio A. O´Farrill A Email: ©®2007 Little-Parrot Records.


Artist: Pedro Guasti
Title: Living with the Beatles
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 05/06/2007
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 634479513671


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