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Nobodys Puppet

Nobodys Puppet

  • By Pfeiffer Twins
  • Release 23/02/2014
  • Music Genre Pop
  • Media Format CD
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'These girls rock!' - P. Schmoll, Royal Noise Records, NYC 'Now I know what angels in heaven sound like when they sing... The Pfeiffer Twins!' - M. Thiel, WNTI radio DJ 'Newton-based group the Pfeiffer Twins were an entertaining opening act [for Antigone Rising at the Stanhope House on February 15, 2014]. Carrie Pfeiffer is a multi-instrumentalist in the true sense of the word - playing acoustic guitar, fiddle, keyboard, and hand percussion throughout her set - and later joined Antigone Rising to play the fiddle alongside [lead singer] Camps. It added up to a magical evening.' - Dana Inez, (review of live performance of album) The Pfeiffer Twins are identical twin sisters, Carrie and Lindsay Pfeiffer, who grew up in a small New Jersey town nestled somewhere between New York City and Philadelphia. They currently reside in Nashville, Tennessee. The Twins began singing at the age of four, songwriting at nine, and joined the folk/bluegrass band Still River Band in 2002 at the ages of eighteen. The band released two albums, 'Old Dusty Road' and 'One More Time,' which were locally successful. Carrie provided fiddle and soprano harmonies, while Lindsay sang alto harmonies, played hand percussion, and added two original songs to the band's second album. It was in this band that the twins gained professional music experience in the recording studio and on stage. In 2007, Carrie and Lindsay left Still River to form a rock band with several friends. But the twins soon realized that they needed to make their own unique sound. They disbanded and Carrie and Lindsay went on to perform as an acoustic duo, blending their country roots with a rock edge and a pop appeal. Fans will enjoy their rootsy vibe, catchy pop songs, and beautiful seamless harmonies. The Pfeiffer Twins draw inspiration from their own lives for their song lyrics; they sing about love, loss, personal struggles, women's issues, and personal empowerment, among other topics. ??The Pfeiffer Twins released their debut album 'Nobody's Puppet' on Valentine's Day, 2014. The Twins wrote or co-wrote every song and co-produced the album with award-winning producer Anthony Krizan of Sonic Boom Studios and Blue Jean Records in Raritan, NJ. Hits off their album include 'Better Off Without You,' 'Unstoppable,' the kick-butt country tune 'Down,' and fan-favorite title track 'Nobody's Puppet.' In 2012, the Twins auditioned for season 4 of NBC's The Voice and were ranked among the top 180 contestants nationally. The Pfeiffer Twins have enjoyed opening for some amazing artists, including Joan Osborne, Antigone Rising, Jefferson Starship, New Riders of the Purple Sage, Railroad Earth, and Johnny Winter! The Twins currently perform in the Nashville and NJ/NYC areas, circulating the summer festivals, coffeehouses, and popular music venues.


Artist: Pfeiffer Twins
Title: Nobodys Puppet
Genre: Pop
Release Date: 23/02/2014
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 888295056236


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