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Rainbow: A Tone Poem

Rainbow: A Tone Poem

(Duplicated CD)
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PT. VIJAY RAGHAV RAO R A I N B O W : A TONE POEM R A I N B O W : A TONE POEM is an orchestral work exemplifying the innovative canon of music by the legendary flautist, composer, conductor, choreographer and poet Pt. Vijay Raghav Rao. The work highlights Panditji's lifelong pursuit to spark social change through brilliant, pioneering music. At it's heart, R A I N B O W is a work of art that represents the best in music. Some of the finest Indian vocalists, percussionists and instrumentalists collaborate to perform a dazzling composition that spans the gamut of human emotion. R A I N B O W's soul transcends cursory musical ambit by articulating the divine symmetry between notes of a musical scale that collaborate to make music, and colors of the spectrum - that make for a rainbow. When diverse human beings unite in the face of calamity, the rainbow thus formed is a beautiful example of what is possible. After all, like the colors of light that originates from the sun, diverse human beings share a common, unifying origin. R A I N B O W is composed as a tone poem in two parts. Part 1: WORK IS WORSHIP This composition describes life in a small farming town, a metaphor for our world. When drought disrupts life as it is meant to be, it's inhabitants are distraught. Unquestionable faith in God comes undone. Relationships are tested; the townspeople resort to devious practices. Righteousness is up for trade. In this god- forsaken land, to each his own becomes the unmentioned rule for survival. Then a lonely farmer with nothing better to do picks up his plough and tills his small, barren plot of land. I know nothing else but to farm, he says. And he tills and he prepares his land - defying signs of futility. Soon, his neighbor joins him. Despite a lack of fresh grain the owner of the flour mill reopens it's doors, making pre-purchases of grain from the farmers on credit. The local grocer pitches in, buying invisible flour from the mill. What townspeople still remain, visit the grocery and, despite little resource, buy what flour they can on the basis of trust. The school reopens - children prepare for their future. Soon, there is renewed optimism in the air. An uncommon, emotional vigor pervades despite what is real. The townspeople have in them the consummation of their most cherished wish. Lo and behold: the clouds gather in the sky; there is rain, and the drought is dispelled. Faith is not subject to fate - when the faithful unite despite calamity, work is worship. Part 2: UNITY IN DIVERSITY This composition mines the intrinsic diversity in musical tone, rhythm and arrangement to delineate one truth: that diversity is at the core of lasting, beautiful unity. At the height of prosperity the farming town thrives on interdependent differences. The farmer produces food for consumption. The lender provides money for new ventures. The teacher infuses future generations with values. The priest instills faith. The trader introduces new ways and means of living. The physician heals. The mayor organizes. The artist shows a vision of a world that can be. Each needs the other. With time, each believes there can be no life without the other. When adversity strikes this society it's diversity makes it resilient. The inability of one element to thrive is more than compensated by the collective efforts of the others. As in the transcendent emotions evoked by a composition that relies on the creative use of some (not all) notes in a scale, so does a society express unique emotions born of the collective efforts of some of it's constituents. The rest plow life's challenges in the firm belief that their turn will come. By making brilliant use of the diversity inherent in his musical palette, Panditji's composition makes such truth come alive. Diverse musical scales drive variegated melodies set to rhythmic cycles of varying meters. One melody seamlessly blends into another, preserving it's nature while suggesting what is common. In theme and music, abstraction finds eternal life resulting in a work of profound art. ABOUT PT. VIJAY RAGHAV RAO 'No substitute for his flute...the complete master' - The Hindustan Times "A volcano of creative expression' - The Indian Express "His flute is an unending fountain of myriad melodies, always fresh, always original..." - The Patriot 'Creator of beautiful, wide and ethereal canvasses...' - The Deccan Herald '20th Century Renaissance Genius..' - The Cleveland Plain Dealer 'Intensely romantic...lyrical...extremely serene...' - Rave Magazine "Innovator in the world of music.. a versatile genius.," -The JS Magazine "Seeker of truth through music. One of the greatest flautists of this world" - The Times of India "Reflective music, refreshing and genuinely haunting" - The New York Times "Awe inspiring. Freshness and finesse in every note. Marked by gay abandon, innovativeness and imaginative vitality" - The Statesman "Suave tonicity, lyricism, rich melodic beauty" - The Listening Post PT. VIJAY RAGHAV RAO R A I N B O W : A TONE POEM Recorded at the HMV Studios in Bombay, India Digitally remastered at The Red & Green Company, VA, USA Panditji & family thank the following artists with love - Ustad Ghulam Mustafa Khan, Smt. Zarin Daruwala, Smt. Lakshmi Shankar, Kum. Sarla Bhide, Pt. Manas Mukherjee, Pt. Kartick Kumar, Ustad Shamim Ahmed, Pt. Brij Narayan, Pt. Arjun Shejwal, Pt. Ronu Majumdar, Pt. Giridhar Prasad Jaipurwale, Pt. Janardhan Abhyankar, Pt. D.K.Datar, Vd. T.K. Ramakrishnan, Pt. Datta Thakar, Vd. V.R.Gopalakrishnan, Pt. Anna Joshi, Pt. Ganapat Rao, Pt. Vijay Indurkar, Pt. Ashok Bhoi, Pt. Kamal Ganguly, Pt. Rijhram Deshadh, Pt. P.G. Parab, Pt. Balabhau Yarkunthwar Special thanks and love to Shri Badri Narayan & family Special thanks to Shri G.N. Joshi & Shri V.K. Dubey CD Version of RAINBOW : A TONE POEM manufactured by Disc Makers, Philadelphia, PA, USA Sound Executive Dr. Vijay Elchuri Executive Producer Sanjay Kumar From The Red & Green Company (c) (p) 2013 by Pt. Vijay Raghav Rao & Family.


Artist: Pt. Rao Vijay Raghav
Title: Rainbow: A Tone Poem
Genre: International
Attributes: Duplicated CD
Release Date: 24/05/2013
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 700358646249


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