(Hardcover, Illustrated)
  • Release Date 27/03/2018
  • Brand: Abrams Image
  • UPC: 9781419729119
  • Available Date: 27/03/2018
  • Model Number: 9781419729119
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In a universe of alternative facts, The Encyclopedia of Fakery is an essential reference

Fakery is not simply defined as things that aren't real. Fakery comprises things that aren't real, of course, but fakery also encompasses things that manipulate perception (such as the Tupac Hologram), made-up things that have come to have real meaning over time (such as the word strategery), and, of course, straight fakes (such as art forgeries and counterfeit money).

The Encyclopedia of Fakery runs the gamut, including conspiracy theories, internet and popular culture, and unbelievable phenomena throughout history. Entries include Bitcoin, Blair Witch Project, a Claque, a Defictionalized Product, Donald Trump, the Fourth Wall, The Hills, JFK Assassination, Milli Vanilli, Strategery, and the list goes on. With 50 illustrations and designed to mimic a traditional encyclopedia, this book will add new depth to how readers engage with the world around them-both real and fake.

About the Author

Rex Sorgatz has been a contributing editor at Wired, the executive director of NBC's Olympics website, a digital media consultant, an executive producer at, and part of a team awarded a Pulitzer Prize. His digital consulting agency has advised BuzzFeed, Tumblr, Condé Nast, Saturday Night Live, Rookie, The Week, IFC, Newsweek, Flavorpill, Hearst, Mediaite, The Players' Tribune, TV Guide, NBC, and more. Sorgatz lives in New York City.

Product Details

  • With 2-color illustrations throughout
  • Hardcover: 256 pages
  • Publisher: Abrams Image
  • Reference / Encyclopedias

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