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Cycling Music

Cycling Music

  • By Richard Durrant
  • Release 12/05/2014
  • Media Format CD
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Product Notes

Cycling Music - A MOTO PERPETUO MASTERPIECE   BEING on the move is a powerful creative force, so it's little surprise to learn concert guitarist Richard Durrant's groundbreaking new summer tour album - Cycling Music - was largely composed while he was riding his bike.     'Cycling is totally inspirational,' said Durrant, who has just set off on what promises to be a gruelling, but highly memorable seven-week, 1,000-plus-mile, eco-friendly concert tour of English towns, cities and villages.     To mitigate his abnormally large carbon footprint (Durrant reckons he travels about 35,000 miles a year as a professional musician), the world-class performer is not only cycling between every venue, but is also carrying his entire stage show of guitar, lights and speakers, etc., in panniers and bike trailer.     'My training for the tour has been key to the new compositions on Cycling Music,' said West Sussex-based Durrant.     'I wrote the music in my head on the bike each day, arranged and scored the ideas when I got home and finally moved into the studio for the actual recording work."     The result is a 'moto perpetuo' of an album, an atmospheric blend of acoustic and minimalist fare - think Steve Reich meets Tubular Bells meets Bradley Wiggins.     Durrant's warmth of expression on the guitar is allied to evocative sequencer sounds and percussion by Stephen Hiscock of Ensemble Bash fame.     Besides playing drumkit, Hiscock triggered the notes on Durrant's score with bicycle bells and dips into the full percussive palette that is a bike frame and wheels to give the album a uniquely cycling ambience.     The six tracks of Cycling Music gel beautifully to form an irresistible chill-out zone lasting nearly 30 minutes.     The opening piece Gravity Bikes expounds the joys of the open road and Shed Sunrise the infinite possibilities of a new day upon which you'll chalk up all those uphill and down-dale miles.     Wheels Above Clouds does what it says on the puncture repair kit tin, lifting the listener on to an altogether higher, ethereal plane.     Coventry Eagles, a tribute to the much-coveted bikes of Durrant's older brothers, Eddie and Bill, and Ballad of the Rusting Bikes are full of loving remembrance and nostalgia. Coventry Eagles also shows Durrant's compositional virtuosity as he uses changing note values and tempi to describe the behaviour of gears on a bike.     In Subuteo Table Cycling the title says it all. An elliptical, highly infectious musical titbit dedicated to extreme hobbyists everywhere.     A complementary coupling with the above tracks is Durrant's 2006 recording of Steve Reich's Electric Counterpoint. Unlike previous, rather duller sounding versions of this classic work, Durrant has used a wonderful array of acoustic and electric guitars to add extraordinary colour to the recording. The result sounds like the slow, blossoming of a beautiful acoustic flower.     And JS Bike is a quirky coda, in which Durrant and Hiscock turn a 300-year-old tune by a certain German master composer into a wonderfully compelling cycling groove. It sounds like there's another album idea in this last track.     .


Title: Cycling Music
Release Date: 12/05/2014
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 5060269220057
Item #: 1188494X
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