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Dissecting the Serpent

Dissecting the Serpent

(Professionally Duplicated CD)
  • By Rick Shoemaker
  • Release 11/06/2014
  • Music Genre Spoken
  • Media Format CD
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Product Notes

Finished reading the book yesterday. Very helpful and encouraging to read. I love the use of stories to illustrate the idea of each subject. I can relate to much of the book because I have fallen prey to many of the devil's devices. I will often refer back to the book when teaching or preaching. Thanks for your hard work and faithful example. - Jason Kramer Assoc. Pastor Sturgeon Baptist Church Clark, Missouri "A FABULOUS read!! WOW!! Needless to say, I am impressed and pleased with your labor of love. If I were the devil, I would do all I could to stop this book! Pastor Rick has unmasked many of the diabolical devices that the adversary employs in his attempts to prevent the Glory of God from bursting through the victorious lives of the redeemed children of God. Though sound in theory, this book is more than theoretical as it is chock full of the practical wisdom that Pastor Rick has gained from his many years of wrestling in spiritual warfare against the prince of the power of the air. "Dissecting The Serpent" should be considered a "must have" for all discipleship efforts as it is foundational in preparing the blood bought children of God to effectively and victoriously win their spiritual battles in the ongoing spiritual warfare for the precious souls of the lost. As a foreign missionary who has contested the usurping of God's Glory by the enemy in Chinese lives for more than 25 years in multiple cultural contexts overseas through sharing the life-giving Gospel, I wholeheartedly recommend "Dissecting The Serpent" as a most useful and helpful spiritual primer for Christian workers in any context." Doug Martin Knoxville, TN I just finished a book that is one of those that you don't put too far out of reach. When I finish a book I write the date I finished on the inside cover, and it finds a place in the book-case. However, the book I am review-ing today is a book that remain close at hand so that I can refer to it again and again. This book is No. 6 on the charts at Crossbooks. The author of this book has poured his heart into the pages. He has revealed feelings about his life growing up and as an adult. Some of us, when we read it, might laugh because we can relate. And others might be sad because, yes, we can relate also. I have heard this author described as having a Billy Graham style. Another reader has described this book as easy to read and understand. I like self help books, particularly those who use Bible references. This book does this, and so much more. You can feel the author's need to make sure all of us are aware of how to handle the pitfalls of life and to give us Bible verses that we can even underscore in our Bibles, if we desire. Also, I like the worksheet style used in this book. If you are one who likes to write in your book, that too can be easily done. There are persons in this world who don't want us to succeed or be happy, and we all have had someone like this in our lives at one time or another. After reading this book, you will have a new perspective which will make you more aware and cautious. This guide-book gives labels to those situations, events, and people which will help you to be able to outsmart the serpents in your life. Have you ever been the victim of a con artist? It seems as though every day we hear of increasingly clever schemes used to bilk people out of their money. It isn't always new cons, either; tried and true schemes are used time and again. Author Rick Shoemaker and his church fell victim to a scheme concocted by two con artists during the Christmas season. And while these criminals scammed churches across the country of more than $250,000, they are not the biggest con artists at work today. In Dissecting the Serpent: Exposing Twenty-One of the Devil's Most Destructive Devices, Shoemaker tells you how to recognize the work of the ultimate con artist-the Devil. You can learn what is necessary to ward off each of his most frequently used attacks. What's more, if you have already fallen victim to Satan's traps, Shoemaker teaches you how to break free and return to life in Christ.


Artist: Rick Shoemaker
Title: Dissecting the Serpent
Genre: Spoken
Attributes: Professionally Duplicated CD
Release Date: 11/06/2014
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 888295100182


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