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To Not Give in

To Not Give in

(Duplicated CD)
  • By Ripface Invasion
  • Release 17/07/2012
  • Music Genre Heavy Metal
  • Media Format CD
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Anthony Paladino (Red) - Vocals Ant Lefty - Guitar Tom Conti - Bass Dan Lockhart - Drums Recorded and mixed by Elviz Christ Produced by Anthony Paladino Mastered by Frank D. Fagnano Artwork by Joe Martino, Jeff Austin, and Frank M Cuonzo All songs by Ripface Invasion Copyright and published 2012 A.M.P. / IDK music LLC / Subcore music ASCAP Ripface Invasion would like to thank: Elviz Christ, Johnny D Avarice, Saint Avarice, JGM comics, Joe Martino, Jeff Austin, Frank M Cuonzo, Frank D. Fagnano, Cherilyn Balchan, Lauren Conti, Courtney Vaccaro, Lexi Micali, The Great Caper, Tara Ocello, True Blue Promotions, Mike Heinzer, 89.5 WSOU, WSOU Street Patrol, Aly Mulligan, Katie Daly, Tana, Eddie, and Fern of Hellhound Rehearsal Studios, Walt Cadmus, Killed The Fixtion, Mucky pup, The Aquarian, Tim McMurtrie,The Fiendz, Stereokiller, Jerseybeat, Ray Majewski, Sarah Sturges, the Psycho 78's roller derby, and all of our friends in the NJ Metal and Hardcore scene. Ant Lefty thanks: my family, brothers and sisters in past bands and the NYHC and NJHC scene. Drummer D thanks: my close friends and brothers and sisters of the NJ hardcore scene. You know who you are. Red and Tom would like to thank all of the above. We would like to end our thanks list by thanking all the bands we've shared the stage with since we came into existence 2 years ago (2010). Thank you to all of the bands/companies/organizations, who have ever tweeted, shared, re-posted, or gave any sort of attention to us through social networking on the internet. We're sorry if we forgot anyone. THANK YOU ALL! Lyrics Track 1) The Dominator Close one. What is going to come next? What shield can protect from this? Sit around and lie and act like everything will be fine You choose to stay... And then deny All these lies No place for truth Behind your eyes What path to take Will I survive? I'll survive No trust Failures building up Something has to change this state Can't give in when the mind is unsettled Time to change force better days All these lies No place for truth Behind your eyes What path to take to survive This unfaithful world Unhealthy lives Can't take no more I will be free Nothing will get passed my eyes As I Dominate! I will dominate Possessed by hate I will find this truth Can you endure this pain I will dominate There are no more lies I will force the truth Let this day be your demise And they'll be nowhere left to hide! Track 2) To Not Give In Feeding us garbage Right from the start Taking it in And now it's gone to far As the knowledge will spread throughout the land No Compromise We can't unlearn The things we've learned Can not ignore Or look away As it all comes down We'll fight No where to hide Technology Is our ally The facts will spread Enter our minds As it all comes down We'll fight No where to hide We have found Your weaknesses You're not going to pull your facade Over our heads In the modern days Truths get revealed This will not allow your evil to go unseen The time for games is through And the battle's just begun What's at stake is our own choice As we strive to learn the truth The truth No Compromise No Compromise No Compromise No Compromise No Compromise Found your weakness No Compromise In modern days No Compromise Truth gets revealed No Compromise And now you'll pay No compromise Track 3) Armchair Politician You're so right You know best Segregate From the rest Your research is limited you don't you know You'll never have access to facts Pushing the people away from you Look in the mirror you're whacked The media's lies Control what you say You're burning the bridge Why ruin days? Turning against Your fellow man Forcing each other To raise your hands The media's lies Control what you say You're burning the bridge Ruining days Turning against Your fellow man Forcing us to Raise our hands Armchair Politician Just shut up! Think you know this Think you know that We'll never know any of the DC facts Democrat's lie Republicans cheat Suckers like you they love to eat People like us Will never know truth Why do we fight each other? When they have their Hands in this Hands in that They're sleeping with each other As they swing their bats Lie Cheat Lie Cheat Democrat's lie Republicans cheat Suckers like you they love to eat Armchair politician Suckers like you they will eat.


Artist: Ripface Invasion
Title: To Not Give in
Genre: Heavy Metal
Attributes: Duplicated CD
Release Date: 17/07/2012
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 884501732826
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