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Blue Modules

Blue Modules

  • By Ron Davis
  • Release 03/12/2012
  • Music Genre Jazz
  • Media Format CD
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'It's fun. It possesses an energy, it's innovative. Davis puts some life into some unique already well established songs and adds an original or two to make it even more personal. [...] Ron Davis, the new album belongs on the JAZZ.FM91 First Listen list, it's called Blue Modules.' - JAZZ.FM91 'Adventurous and unconventional, he's all about taking giant steps every time he enters a recording studio.' (Toronto Sun ) "Audacious!" (Toronto Star) "Ron Davis...[is] on a mission to shake up the stereotype of the typical jazz audience by tackling his repertoire differently in an effort to regain the enthusiasm that the genre deserves. [He] succeeded in technicolour...real magic...this quartet smokes and crackles across a wild menagerie of oblique angles and least-suspected covers to create something entirely of their own making. Mission accomplished, Mr. Davis... sophisticated sonic pleasure... fresh colour combinations and inventive textures...lends the concept of eclecticism a truly positive and progressive spin." - eJazzNews « André Rhéaume ... nous a chaudement recommandé ce nouveau disque de Ron Davis... très groovy, ludique et funky... Le mec est insaisissable. C'est un excellent pianist... Mais il est surtout un chercheur, un chasseur de sons et d'harmonies, et un sans peur en matière de répertoire.« - Espace Musique "a jazzy and funky sonic ride...a soulful vibe propelled by Davis' soaring piano solo...entertaining, thought-provoking Jazz...Ron Davis and his group showed the audience that with Jazz, there are no boundaries as to where music can go...a great night with a great band" "The album sounds great, really liked it! It's on the JazzWorldQuest choice selection of the month' - "...puts a refreshing jazzy spin on a truly eclectic collection of songs from the pop and rock genres. Check this out for a diverse grouping of artists covered: The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, Elvis and Sesame Street. Davis contributes some fine originals too, including "Pawpwalk." The brilliant XTC hit "Making Plans For Nigel" is given a delightful twist here. ... Highly recommended." Ron Davis is on a mission, realized on his 8th release, Blue Modules. It's all about his drive to move jazz somewhere where it hasn't been for years - back to it's rightful, appreciative audience. In recognition of the birth of jazz, when it proved to be the 'pop' of it's day, Ron Davis has made it his charge to wade well past the tired, 'playlist' standards that pass for the jazz of +today and, surrounded by a top-flight crew of innovative players and instrumental leaders, Davis has pushed to evolve a fresh definition of jazz which embraces classical, funk, rap, blues, world and even country music - removing the borders which can often get in the way of honest appreciation. Blue Modules is his seismic shift in this new direction. His band is comprised of Ross Macintyre on bass, Roger Travassos on drums and percussion but also adds guests like the electrifying Donna Grantis on guitar and actor Diego Matamoros on vocals. Boasting a truly eclectic mix of songs you'd never expect to find on a jazz release, all tied together in the spirit of improvisation amongst like-minded adventurers, is exactly the point.


Artist: Ron Davis
Title: Blue Modules
Genre: Jazz
Release Date: 03/12/2012
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 741360354784
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