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Salvaged Doll

Salvaged Doll

  • By Salena Dabbs
  • Release 27/08/2013
  • Music Genre Pop
  • Media Format CD
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Product Notes

Many late nights and early mornings were spent crafting 'Salvaged Doll'. Salena started production at Full Blast Studio located in New Rochelle, NY with Producer/Engineer/Songwriter Shane 'Cmill' Grant (Remy Ma, Beenie Man, Shaggy). Salena had a clear vision of the sound she wanted; taking music she had grown up on or that influenced her (Rollins Band, No Doubt, Alanis Morrisette, Pink, Michael Jackson) and giving it grit and edge with a syncopated beat that she knew Cmill, a well-known hip-hop producer could easily provide as shown from the notable acts he'd worked with in the past. After months of toiling with different sounds Salena & Cmill created 'I Won't Be Ignored' which would serve as the template for the other songs written and produced on the album. 'Worker Bee' soon followed, this time Salena and Cmill brought in Producer / Songwriter, Nick Slay, (Jared Cotter) to build a trip-hop odyssey down the rat race road. With it's Cali vibe "Worker Bee" has a Gwen Stefani-esque influence from it's rhyming verses and quirky b-section but takes a grittier twist & turn of metal rage in it's bridge. With the first two songs cementing a mold, Salena and Nick took the reins and shaped the remainder of the album's arrangements with more focus on bringing pop elements and live instrumentation into the mix. Musicians Rob Doyle (Bassist), Jameison Ledino (Guitarist), Ali Kutluozen (Guitarist), Frankie Losinno (Guitarist), Adam Graves (Guitarist), Meryl Jefferson (Violinist) and Mark Bruno (Drummer) contributed to adding depth and color to the songs through numerous jam sessions at Black & White Studio located in Huntington, NY. While working at Black and White Studio, Producer, Yvanson 'Killah Beatz' Cantave (Snoop Dogg, Lil Mama) approached Salena with a track he had created for her after hearing cuts from her budding album. 'Madness', 'Drunk Bastard' and 'Fire In The Hole' were instant add-ons to round-out the album. To complete the album, Salena, composed a ballad called 'It Sucks (Being Without You)'. Working closely with Ali Kutluozen (Guitarist), David Wong (Violinist) and Nick Slay (Piano) Salena wrote and produced the song drawing lyrical inspiration from childhood memories of her dad in the military and the lengthy tours he'd be away. Salena dedicates this song to military families across the world and those in angst waiting to see their loved one again. With all of the songs finalized, moving into post-production proved to be a tedious and timely task. With most of the sessions averaging 50+ tracks, the true test of formatting Salena's sound was finding balance with the instrumentation, synth sounds, and Salena's vocals. It was during this process that Salena learned the importance of each instrument having it's time to be highlighted. Instead of competing against each other the focus became finding the treasures within the tracks and letting them support the lyrical content and vocal performance to complete each story each song told. Salena was a part of every mix session assisting with tweaking each song getting them to their desired final arrangement. Engineer, Blue, from Brown Sugar Studio, NYC mixed several songs on the album as well as Will 'Isfat' Burton from Black & White Studio. All songs were mastered at Brown Sugar Studio who delivered a clean and crisp finalized album. Salena is excited to share her debut album and the journey she experienced while creating her sound and style. 'Salvaged Doll" dives deep into the pit of fire with no recourse tackling social awareness, love, heartache and redemption. Bolstering gritty vocals delivered with passion and pop appeal this genre-bending body of work layers hip hop and pop tracks with intricate electric guitars, bass, violins and live drums. "Salvaged Doll" is the modern evolution of rock.


Artist: Salena Dabbs
Title: Salvaged Doll
Genre: Pop
Release Date: 27/08/2013
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 884501955867


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