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Songs for the Illinois River II /  Various

Songs for the Illinois River II / Various

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Down at the River: Badwater is a premier local band featured at local venues around Cherokee County and the region. Down at the River is a rollickin' Southern Rock classic written and performed by Bobby Wayne Hogshooter with some hot harmonica and a good beat. Written by Bobby Wayne Hogshooter Vocals & Lead Guitar- Bobby Wayne Hogshooter Rhythm Guitar, Harmonica & Vocals- Ian Sullivan Bass & Vocals- Garron Marsh Drums- Arie Bird Good in the Water: Recording artist Sand Sheff typifies the sweet, lazy, visually-rich lyrical quality that characterizes River Music. He records and performs all over the South, and his roots are firmly planted in the Illinois River Basin. Good in the Water (2:43)- Song, Vocals and Guitar by Sand Sheff. Tale of the Big Chicken: Singer Songwriter Dennis Tibbits performs this original by request, at venues in NE Oklahoma. It's an underground favorite, and second in a series (sequel to funny song, 'Chicken Poop'). It is a ballad in the tradition of Marty Robbins, telling the tale of the real 'Big Chicken Suit' lawsuit over pollution of the Illinois River by poultry interests across the border. Tale of the Big Chicken (5:45)*- The Foul Pluckers Written by Dennis Tibbits Vocalist- Dennis Tibbits Vocal Harmony and Bass- Joel Sherrill Lead Guitar- Scott Lawrence Conga- Kathy Tibbits A River's Like Life: Jack Bryant's folk story about growing up on the river, and the poignance of it's analogies in life. Sarah Barker Huhn of Gypsy Twang provides beautiful vocal harmonies. Great instrumentals, too. Intro by Raymond (Santa Claus) Southerland, Shaylee Sherrill & Jerron Sherrill. Written by Jack Bryant Vocalist & Rhythm Guitar- Jack Bryant Lead Guitar- Wes Combs Bass & Vocals- JD Cope Vocal Harmony- Sarah Barker Huhn, Joel Sherrill, Dennis Tibbits, JD Cope Mandolin- Tom Rutherford & Jeanine Loubier Cicada: Jim Williams and Rickey Ray recorded this song in October of 2002, 6 months before Jim's tragic death. It's haunting melody sounds just like a country lane or an easy float down the Illinois. It is in the musical tradition of Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young. This song is dedicated to the family of Jim Williams in his memory. The guitar work by Rickey Ray is awesome on this song. Cicada (4:37)- Jim Williams Vocals & Guitar- Jim Williams Fingerstyle Guitar- Rickey Ray Recorded and Mixed, The Ray Ranch Studio by Rickey Ray Ellerville: Ode to Dad- Singer Songwriter Wes Combs contributes this sweet nostalgic folk song which tells the story of his own family's generations on the Illinois River. Combs Bridge is named for the community his family founded. Old-timers know where Ellerville is, and today it exists in the lilting clear vocals, soothing fiddle, intricate guitar of this song. It is a song like you might expect from John Denver, and even better because Wes Combs is alive and well, picking and playing and singing at the Western reach of the Ozarks at festivals and community gatherings. Ellerville: Ode to Dad (4:07)*- Wes Combs Lead & Harmony Vocals & Guitar- Wes Combs Bass Guitar- Dan Garber Violin/Fiddle- Jeanine Loubier 1985: Joel Sherrill richly composed this soulful trip down the Illinois River as it existed in 1985. It is the kind of song that starts out with dreamy harmonica and has great spontaneous collaboration, and is enhanced by being a studio production. Joel plays regionally with several bands and has a wide range of musical talents expressed in this song, and in the whole album Songs For The Illinois River II which was largely recorded at Southern View Sounds at Petit Bay on Lake Tenkiller. Written by Joel Sherrill; Lead and Backup Vocals & Keyboard- Joel Sherrill; Guitar & Harmonica- Tom Rutherford; Acoustic Guitar & Bass Guitar- JD Cope; Vocal Harmony- JD Cope & Tom Rutherford; Drums- TJ Rutherford; Sound Effects- Jerron Sherrill Adair County: If you'd been a student at Northeastern State University in 1978, and happened in to The Squeeze Inn bar just off-campus, chances are that you would have heard this song. It was originally performed by Dan Garber (as this version) along with co-composer Doc Davis and others in the legendary Loose Goose Band. This cut is modern and includes a passle of fine musicians in the bluegrass folk tradition. Written & Composed by Dan Garber & Doc Davis; Vocals & Guitar- Dan Garber; Harmony & Guitar Lead- Wes Combs; Contra Bass & Mandola- Max McCullough; Banjo, Harmony- Dennis Tibbits. Homecoming Oklahoma: This song by NSU's Dr. Carl Farinelli will be featured in an upcoming album 'The Farinelli Family Across Time, II'. It began as a sweet anthem in 1989 and over the years, band member Matt Farinelli has recorded and added in new young Farinelli Family band members for a full-bodied song. Lead Vocals- Dr. Carl Farinelli & Rachel Farinelli; Rhythm Guitar- Carl Farinelli; Doghouse Bass- Jacob Farinelli; Guitar, Drums, Harmony- Matt Farinelli; Fiddle- Rachel Farinelli; Harmony- Ashley Sage & Kara Sage. Engineered by Matt Farinelli. Dedicated to Jacob Farinelli. Floatin' Down the River: John Legg copyrighted this song in 1974 and it's another classic Illinois River song. Today, John lives in Bartlesville, OK and back in the day he lived at the place where the Illinois River turns into Lake Tenkiller. This song is easy, with a simple clear message about how a river trip is a relaxing escape from life's worries. It's a happy song. Written, performed, engineered and produced by John Legg. Copyright 1974, 2013 Osage Hills Music, BMI. Cherokee County: Oklahoma Wildlife is a popular trio and sometimes quartet you can hear at local venues around the Tahlequah and Qualls area. This song is about growing up by the Illinois and the fun of childhood, youth, and adulthood. Today, we long to have 'free-range' children who can enjoy exploring and learn about nature. As is sometimes found in a family band, Oklahoma Wildlife has a tight lyrical and musical quality and also casualness that makes it appealing. Written by Oklahoma Wildlife. Vocals- Neicey Dunham-Finch, Debbie Duvall, Joel Finch; Percussion- Debbie Duvall; Tambourine- Neicey Dunham-Finch; Lead Guitar- Joel Finch; Rhythm Guitar- Neicey Dunham-Finch. Produced by Oklahoma Wildlife at Cimarron Sound Lab. Courtesy Oklahoma Wildlife album, "Captured Alive." Tahlequah Turnaround: Rickey Ray is not only the senior benefactor of the Songs For The Illinois River series, but also an accomplished songwriter for this river song, which is true to the River Music genre. Get your bops on for some great dance music with a local tour of the culture that you won't want to miss. If you like Eddie Money, this song will tickle your fancy with it's great vocals, live beat and catchy lyrics. Tahlequah Turnaround (2:46)*- Rickey Ray. Written by Rickey Ray; Vocals, Guitar, Drums- Rickey Ray; Bass Guitar- Joel Sherrill. Riverbed: It's a dog-hot Summer day, and this is your perfect song. White Trash Bandidos bring you this grinding hot, tight, full and wailin' River song that will make you walk off the job and go thinkin', drinkin' and having a wild weekend. Moonshine and catfish to ya. Great lyrics, too. Riverbed (3:09)*- White Trash Bandidos Written by White Trash Bandidos Vocalist- Austin Bryan; Bass- Tom Rutherford; Electric Guitar- TJ Rutherford; Acoustic Guitar- Austin Bryan & TJ Rutherford; Drums- Holli Rutherford Crappie Line: You can't visit the Illinois River without catching Red Eye Gravy, yer regional homeboys rockabilly band who done it before the Avett Brothers ever stepped on a stage. You cannot stay hoppin' as fast as these accomplished guys lay it before you. I'm talkin' major. Major. This tune's dedicated to Papa Willie, and we sure do miss him. Get this. Crappie Line (3:20)- Red Eye Gravy Written by Josh Robertson; Vocalist, Acoustic Guitar- Josh Robertson; Harmony & Drums- Jeb Robertson; Lead Guitar- Steve Kirkpatrick; Lap Steel Guitar- Jason Legg. City Limit Sign: Mason Jar Revival gives you a Southern Rock classic with great lyrics for having a good time on these old roads past the city limit sign. You can see this band all around Tahlequah and parts, so don't miss a chance to get in on some of their beats and riffs. Just ask around. It's Country Spice. City Limit Sign (3:29)*- Mason Jar Revival Written by Jeremy Cochran; Vocalist, Guitar- Jeremy Cochran; Guitar- Bud Doyle; Bass Guitar- Brandon Armstrong; Drums- Jon Washington. Down By The River: Coming to ya from the East side of the Illinois out of Adair County is Kick'n'Wing. You may have heard of a band called Steppenwolf? Find great syth guitar wokka-wokkin' on this metal song. Heard of Jimi Hendryx? Well, you're in for a treat! Down By The River (4:39)*- Kick'N'Wing Written by Jon Teehee; Lead Vocals & Guitar- Jon T. Teehee; Bass Guitar- Trent Teehee; Drums- Shane Ford. Stay the Night: Rick Holderbee is at it again. Songs For The Illinois River (the original album) featured his original, 'Dying Planet.' Stay the Night is just as good. Great spicy vocals highlight this song. And that Loretta Lawrence on keyboard gives you the likes of Elton John. It's stadium. It's alluring. Rick Holderbee Band and Fuzion are two local forms of hearing these musicians and more. Catch them at a local venue, booked for a private event-- or sometimes just find them all plugged-in, amped up and boogied down at one of the local campgrounds around Lake Tenkiller or the Illinois River. Stay the Night (4:14)*- Rick Holderbee Band Written by Rick Holderbee; Vocalist & Guitar- Rick Holderbee; Bass Guitar- Russell Floyd; Keyboard- Loretta Lawrence Tahlequah Stars: Dean Williams Band is the smoothest R&B move coming out of the Tahlequah music scene, and this song has been performed live at the River Festival. You can soak up a bunch of this great crooning in the future too, because Kendall Dean has been signed with, and appears courtesy of Church Boy Entertainment. This song was inspired by Amy Clark, who is now Kendall Dean's wife. We're fortunate to present this fine mix on the SFTIRII CD. Tahlequah Stars (4:01)- Dean Williams Band Written by Kendall Dean & Kyle Williams; Vocals- Kendall Dean & Kyle Williams; Guitar- Kyle Williams; Instrumentals- Antjuan Robinson. Produced by Antjuan Robinson, Blue House Media. Kendall Dean appears courtesy of Church Boy Entertainment.


Artist: Various Artists
Title: Songs for the Illinois River II / Various
Genre: Folk
Release Date: 22/04/2013
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 887516964725


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