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Where Are the Bodies Buried?

Where Are the Bodies Buried?

  • By Steve Mednick
  • Release 30/10/2012
  • Music Genre Rock
  • Media Format CD
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A Few Words: As I listened to "Where Are The Bodies Buried?" for the first time, I thought of all those years, all those many concerts that Steve and I--and, quite often, our wives and children--enjoyed together, and it was immediately clear to me that all those sojourns had a real impact on my friend...and on his music. At the very beginning, with "Liberty Bells Are Calling", I smiled and thought back to when we were in a small group invited to Toad's Place in New Haven to hear Dylan rehearse for his upcoming Brazilian tour. Dylan played for nearly seven hours before they literally dragged him off the stage in the early morning hours. So I figure Steve heard Bob play "Political World" at least ten times that night "No wonder Steve Mednick now sings "The Wall Street boys are flying in their jets...Liberty Bells Are Calling!" And from our seemingly endless treks to experience Crosby, Stills and Nash-and, yes, on occasion even Neil-had to influence the harmonies we now enjoy from Steve-and Natalie, Sallylu and Felicia-on "Wayward Prophets" and "Warning Signs". There was Steve, in the late 80s, all through the 90s and through the past decade, backstage, after show, chatting up Graham and David about their harmonies or Stills on some amazing guitar riff. If there was any doubt listen to Billy K's guitar solo in "The Sky is Falling Down". Throughout "Where Are the Bodies Buried?", Steve speaks truth to power. The only one that caused me to shake my head in disagreement was on "Two Moons" where Steve sings "I never managed to change a thing." That, my friend, is very far from the truth. Toby Moffett Stony Creek, CT September 2012 A Few More Words: "Immigrants...and Other Americans" told the story of our past and a yearning for the future for those who came to our shores. "Two Days After Yesterday" continued the dialogue with further ruminations on the nasty immigration debate, race relations, the need to embrace evolution and liberty. There is an obscure passage where President Kennedy said that he would not take "...irresponsible action just because a fanatical fringe in this country puts so-called national pride above national reason". True that. The songs and themes on 'Where Are The Bodies Buried?' alternate between hope that rationality, civility, the sanctity of human rights,science and fact will, again, rule the roost as against the witchcraft and theocratic impulses of the right. My fondest hops is that we, as a nation, rise up and above the travails of life, the roadblocks, prejudices, insults, obsessions and nihilism that defines so much of what we see in the news, I hope we make the correct choices everyday and at the polls. I hope you like the words and music. Steve Mednick New Haven, CT September 2012.


Artist: Steve Mednick
Title: Where Are the Bodies Buried?
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 30/10/2012
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 884501802550


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