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Old Luggage

Old Luggage

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Here's what they're saying: 'At times tenderly whimsical and others intensely passionate, 'Old Luggage' is a love letter of faith in the One who loves us most and of joy found in sharing a newness of beginning again.' Connie H. 'Nicely done Steve. Glory!' Jeff P. 'Awesome, Steve!' Paul P. 'Great! Awesome! Fantastic! Steve, you have created a beautiful song that tells all of our stories about love! Really, really like it!' Nate M. 'I like it!' Josiah M. 'Wow! It's so moving!' Janis M. 'Steve it is absolutely beautiful & so is your voice! You knocked it out of the park! are truly an artist & I am a fan!' Mike M. 'I think I listened to mine copy of the CD at least a dozen times in the past few days!' Lisa D. 'I've been enjoying the new CD! All great. Title track Old Luggage undoubtedly hits home with many. Much as we try to leave baggage behind we often carry it with us.' Tim M. 'I am blown away with your talent! God is really using you for great things and I think he has some great plans for you. The heartfelt words are crafted beautifully and go well with the music.' Richard Heckner, Cross Streams radio. 'I just saw this and I liked it! We went to the seminary together and I really didn't know he had this great of a talent! Awesome job, Steven S. Billings!' Troy S. 'Here's some great new music to meet from Steven S. Billings--NOW hoping we can get you into the WBOI 89.1 - Meet the Music recording studio for a session one day, Steven!' Julia Meek, WBOI 89.1, Fort Wayne, Indiana. 'It's good! I like it.' Virginia M. 'LOVE IT!!!!' Joan P. 'Nice work, Steven Billings!' Bill Glover, Petra. 'Great content... lyrics, music, and graphics! Very good!' Christie N. 'Alright now!' Jenifer M. 'Steve . . . this is great! It seems that you have many wonderful talents . . . and you are using them to good advantage! Congratulations to you and all of your accompanying musicians!' Michael M. 'Great work on this! I love seeing the finished product. I know that there were a lot of hours put in on it and it is just beautiful.' Sarah M. 'Steve, that is great!!! Your music is fabulous.' Lori L. 'Loved it!' Cindy M. 'Steven, great sound! Easy to listen to, I'd give it a 10 on a one to 10 scale.' Robert L. 'GRRRReat!' Marvina L. 'Steve - this is absolutely beautiful!' Lani A. 'Pretty awesome! Sounds like you have the voice of a twenty year old.' Bryan S. 'Congrats for your new project. Well done all around!' Barbara K. 'That is incredible!! We loved your last video with the sunglasses on, you are too fun!!! And wow, for real you have an amazing voice and a very great talent for music!! SO many people either get the musical composing stuff or the voice and YOU got both!!!' Diana K. 'Nice work brother :)' Danen Kane 'I really enjoy your music and such a good message that I think will resonate with a lot of folks out there. Great job!' Dakota J. 'I would like two more of these please. Checks in the mail.' Tina H. 'I can't wait to get it as soon as I can :)' Josh D. 'I love your album! Listened to it over and over on my road trip today.' Lisa D. 'I've been wearing out 'Old Luggage' the past few days! The current favorite is '(I Wish I Were at) Peace.' What I once would have considered 'dark' lyrics are offset by the beautiful music which gets richer as it goes along. Absolutely beautiful.' Patty P. 'Congrats on this endeavor, Steve. Beautiful music!' Lynne S. 'Wow, what a great CD!! You have a wonderful voice and I enjoy listening to your music!' Elizabeth D. 'It's very good! I liked it a lot. The words are deep & meaningful.' Jacqueline D. 'Great song and video! Your vocals are amazing!' Beth S. 'Nicely done, Steve. I can imagine that it would find a as especially ready audience among the young who are working through that awkward stage of first loves. Blessings on your future endeavors!' Donald E. 'Love this! Great job Steve!' Carmen L. 'You're a gifted singer and writer.' Craig D. 'Great vocals!' Scott D. 'There are some moving lyrics in there and you have an upbeat phrasing that reflects our faith & hope. God bless your work!' Joel D. 'Love it! Great job! Your talent really shines!' Deb B. 'Amazing, Steve! I knew you had talent... this is extraordinary!' Larry K. 'I like the lyrics and you have a good voice.' Nikki C. 'About time someone wrote a song about this age old dilemma! Nicely done!' Duane Matz, Christian Family Radio. ''I like you as a friend, but that is all,' and I think: 'What a waste!' Great line!' Iggy A. 'Awesome tunes start to finish (and great bass work, among other things)!' Bobby G.


Artist: Steven Billings S.
Title: Old Luggage
Genre: Pop
Release Date: 07/01/2014
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 847726009784


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