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Surco Nuevo 2001-10th Anniversary Edition

Surco Nuevo 2001-10th Anniversary Edition

  • By Surco Nuevo
  • Release 06/12/2011
  • Music Genre Latin Pop/Rock
  • Media Format CD
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Album Write-up -

Toca Adentro - This song is all about why we play music, not for the glory or the fame but because we have to! Featuring solos by David Blacker on Trombone, Scott Brown on Cuatro and Orlando Morales on Timbal. Israel Matos on Vocals.

Chan Chan - Inspired by a dream I had with a lot of Mayan imagery, Chan Chan's lyrics are not your typical Salsa lyric. Featuring solos by Scott and Orlando, Israel on Vocals.

Cordillera Central - Lyrics by Cris Matos and Music by Scott Brown to create this song about his experiences growing up and living in Puerto Rico. Solos by Scott and Vocals by Cris Matos.

Un Jibaro En La Ciudad - Very much inspired by Puerto Rico's musica jibara, this song is a lament about the disappearing rural lifestyle, replaced by living in the city. Solos by special guest Miguel Govea on Trumpet, Orlando and Scott. Vocals by Israel.

Descarga de Las Cuerdas - An instrumental descarga featuring the band's string duo of Demian Contreras on 12-String and Scott on Cuatro. Also a solo by Enrique Padilla on Conga.

La Salsa Verdadera - A song that asks the question, where is the real Salsa? From the days of playing on your patio to the Salsa clubs, the song looks nostalgically at Salsa music's roots in the neighborhoods. Solos by David, Scott and Orlando with Vocals by Cris Matos.

#1,2,4,5,6,8 Written by Scott Brown #3 Written by Scott Brown and Cris Matos #7 written by Demian Contreras SCOTT BROWN - Cuatro, Coro and Bass (on 3) DEMIAN CONTRERAS - 12 String Guitar CRIS MATOS - Lead Vocal (on 3 and 6) ISRAEL MATOS - Lead Vocal (on 1, 2 and 4) and Coro ORLANDO MORALES - Timbale ENRIQUE PADILLA - Conga ANDY WOODHOUSE - Bass With special guests: David Blacker - Trombone Miguel Govea - Trumpets Hector Lugo - Bongo Jim Gordon - Trumpet solo on 1 and 6 Alex Nunez - Congas on 5 and 8 Produced by Scott Brown Copyright 1996-2001 Recorded at Ex'pression, Emeryville, CA and Hyde Street Studios, San Francisco, CA between September 2000 & June 2001. Sound Engineers: From Ex'pression, Garrett Hays. CD Original Tracks Mastered by John Greenham at Paul Stubblebine Mastering, San Francisco, CA August 15, 2001 Original CD Released 11/12/2001 Analog tape to Digital transfers completed October 1, 2011 by Steve Armstrong New tracking, Mixdown and new Masters done at SB Studios in October, 2011 Re-Mastered CD Released 11/12/2011.


Artist: Surco Nuevo
Title: Surco Nuevo 2001-10th Anniversary Edition
Genre: Latin Pop/Rock
Release Date: 06/12/2011
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 885767222434


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