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Sacred Circles

Sacred Circles

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Terry Garthwaite, with a voice both 'sassy and touching', has been creating infectious music since the '70s in the Joy of Cooking band. With the improvisation of jazz, expression of blues, textures and tones of world music, and the heart of a healer, Terry makes music that opens you to the joy of living. Terry's powerful music for body, mind and spirit radiates the healing nature of music and propels empowerment and delight. Her music is full of the kind of life-saving one-liners that come to mind in moments of crisis. Her spirited recordings on her own nJoy Sounds label ('Affirhythms' and 'Sacred Circles') include positive chants to relax your mind and inspire your spirit--spirit jingles, original mantras for self-expression. She has recently completed a variety of books of her songs, including a book of vocal games and explorations ('Joy of Sound'). Terry currently leads workshops, classes and circles in rhythm and chant, emphasizing the joy of singing together, playing with sound and digging the musical garden. She is an internationally known singer, songwriter, composer, producer, and teacher. In performance, Terry has shared the stage with such artists as BB King, Janis Joplin, Bonnie Raitt, The Band, Allen Ginsberg, Rosalie Sorrels, and Santana at venues that include Carnegie Hall, the Joseph Papp Theater, the Hollywood Bowl, and Canadian Folk Festivals. She has produced recordings by other artists since 1979, including Ferron's 'Shadows on a Dime', Rosalie Sorrels, and rhiannon. She can also be heard on folk recordings by Kate Wolf ('Treasures Left Behind') and Nina Gerber ('Not Before Noon'.) REVIEWS: 'Liquid rhythms and vibrant vocals...musically intriguing and vocally intense...repetitive, positive thoughts that really deserve to be contemplated.' 'Her simply-phrased, foot-tapping songs are positively infectious...Great for groups that like to chant/sing or just absorb unpretentious spiritual sounds, the easy rhythms attract the body while uncomplicated melodies and harmonies convey spirit-centered messages. ' Napra Review '...I've a great deal of experience in this genre of affirmative chants, having written and produced a few albums of this nature with Louise Hay...Terry's new work is both refreshing and inspiring. She has taken a well-worn method--chanting--and tied it into imaginative, fun, and most importantly, relevant, messages of change.' Joshua Leeds--New Age Retailer Sacred Circles...displays a diversity of musical influences with lyrics which focus on self affirmation. Musically, if you can imagine a jazz/blues improvisation floating above Native American percussion, then you have some idea of how the album starts out. It works well as relaxing, ambient music and I can see it being used effectively for meditation or a stretch class, or perhaps functioning as soothing background for driving, homework, or housework. Yet the chant-lyrics challenge the listener and are positive mantras worthy of attention. Terry has created something different here, a CD which contemplates the healing nature and inspirational possibilities of music. J. Harp Thinking positive is an important step along the path to health and happiness. Chanting positively puts the message in your bones.


Artist: Terry Garthwaite
Title: Sacred Circles
Genre: New Age
Release Date: 19/04/2004
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 768273979026
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