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Don't Let Go

Don't Let Go

  • By TN'T
  • Release 11/07/2014
  • Music Genre Urban
  • Media Format CD
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Product Notes

This is an invitation to experience Light, Laugh, Love, three words we use to describe 'Don't Let Go'. This is a energetic, nitty gritty, fun filled with love, body of work. Don't Let Go (DLG) is our third indie album release. This was truly a fun record to make. If you like the monster soul and funk grooves of Sly and The Family Stone, Prince, etc. This one is for you. We've always presented the listener with music that is fun, real, energetic, of substance and uplifting all at the same time. DLG is no different. However, with each release our intent is to take the listener higher. Our taste in musical styles vary, so when we write and record this is reflected in the music. One of the first things you'll noticed is the mix in terms of different styles. We take our listeners many places, it's a musical journey. DLG crosses genres, it's fast it's slow, it's soul, it's funk, it's house, sprinklings of jazz, pop, gospel, and reggae. More importantly it's a easy album to listen to, there are already enough complexities in all our lives. We recorded DLG at our own Light, Laugh, Love studio. This album deals with the relationship between the two of us, how we love and make it through life. We used mostly live instrumentation and all vocals are ours. As always, we take pride in inviting some of the funkiest musicians on planet earth to bless a track here and there. You can read the album credits to see exactly who. The record begins with the soulful funky track 'Kindred Soul'. It's basically about how we lean on each other to get through tough days and how whatever one of us is feeling so does the other. It's great to have a partner to lean on. Then there's the track 'Sometimes'. In a relationship it's normal to have those moments where we don't get alone with one another, after all we're human beings. But that's only every once in a while and it's okay as long it doesn't become the relationship. Then we turn it up with a cover song originally recorded by the funk band Cameo entitled 'Attack Me With Your Love'. Excuse us while we get our funk on. 'No Pressure', it's been a long stressful week. Now it's the weekend, put the worries behind and release yourself via the dance floor. Enough said. These are just a few of the tracks on DLG. We could go on and on, but we just wanted to give you a little insight into what this record is about. There are a total of eleven tracks, each with it's own story line and dope groove to ride right beside it. Take a listen to each track hopefully you'll agree. We hope we've persuaded you to spend your hard earned cash on this record. This is good music for good people.


Artist: TN'T
Title: Don't Let Go
Genre: Urban
Release Date: 11/07/2014
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 888174721842


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