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Trudys Farmer Market Kids Fall in Love with Fruits

Trudys Farmer Market Kids Fall in Love with Fruits

  • By Trudy Maitoza
  • Release 14/12/2013
  • Music Genre Rock
  • Media Format CD
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Product Notes

'A Parents' Choice Recommended, Approved, etc. Award Winner' Trudy Worldwide Music presents, Walter Whippersnapper and 16 human-like interactive Fruit characters sharing their own dynamic personalities, distinguishing characteristics, as well as how they are grown and how they are cooked. These enlightening, spirited songs will encourage children and their families to discover the health benefits of produce. The lively words full of wisdom and knowledge, integrated with the electrifying music production, will ignite your curiosity leading to a new awareness that fruits not only taste good, but are good for you! Trudy promised herself that someday she would write and pay tribute to her beloved dad in remembrance of his apple-talking legacy. She says, "Now, it's a win-win situation as I have created my own Fruit and Veggie legacy for my family, as well!" Trudy signed a contract with Otis Coen owner of "Hear The Call Music" in Santa Cruz, California in 2009. She says, "Rarely do artists collaborate on such an extensive project encouraging and respecting each other's opinion!" Otis brought a lot to the table as a Music Legend in his own right. With his never give-up attitude and his ingenious, infectious personality, he composed all the right notes showcasing all his artistic abilities to the fullest! Otis has many extraordinary vocalists and musician friends, who soon were on the payroll. Trudy says, "It was a privilege and blessing to work with every one of them, we truly all inspire each other to go beyond what is ordinary, and the music speaks for itself; their genius and amazing talents allowed me to surpass my lifelong dreams and Trudy Worldwide Music was born!" This eclectic selection of Country, Rock, Blues, Jazz, Classical, Gospel, Reggae, Theatrical, Bebop, Funk, Latin, Bluegrass and Popular music consist in the following titled songs. 1. Walter Whippersnapper Otis Coen-Lead & Backing Vocals, Keyboards Stacee Akins & Steve Smith-Backing Vocals Steve Smith - Guitars Ayden Jafari - Spoken Word 2. Otis Orange Otis Coen-All Vocals & Instruments Stacee Akins-Backing Vocals Taylor & Emma Fischer - Backing Vocals 3. Rachael Raspberry Stacee Akins-Lead & Backing Vocals Otis Coen-All Instruments Anthony Cardoza- Harmonica 4. Gregorio Grape Dane Sorenson-Lead Vocals Otis Coen- Keyboards & Strings Steve Smith-Backing Vocals, Guitars 5. Ava Banana Lisa Leuschner-Lead & Backing Vocals Otis Coen-All Instruments Jim Hannibal - Saxophones Taylor & Emma Fischer - Backing Vocals 6. Ryan Apricot Otis Coen-All instrument, Lead & Backing Vocals Stacee Akins-Backing Vocals Taylor & Emma Fischer - Backing Vocals 7. Sarah Strawberry Stacee Akins-Lead & Backing Vocals Otis Coen-All Instruments Jim Hannibal - Saxophones 8. Derek Date David Cartwright-Lead Vocals & Guitar Howard Wooley - Bass & Keyboards Trish Pate-Backing Vocals 9. Taylor Tangerine Kathleen Murray-Lead & Backing Vocals Otis Coen-All Instruments Tim Bresnahan - I'll find you soon 10. Ayden Apple Otis Coen-Vocals, All Instruments Stacee Akins- Backing Vocals Stacee Akins-June Maitoza-Wanda Proost- Trudy Maitoza-Spoken Word Phil Welty-Pedal Steel Guitar Ayden Jafari - Backing Vocal 11. Patricia Plum Luanna Pedota-Lead Vocals Stacee Akins-Backing Vocals Otis Coen-All Instruments 12. Barry Blueberry Otis Coen- All Instruments & Vocals Terry Eads-Backing Vocals Harlyn Cavanagh-Spoken Word Tim Miller - Lead Guitar Anthony Cardoza - Harmonica Jim Hannibal - Saxophones 13. Krissy Kiwi Stacee Akins-All Vocals Otis Coen-All Instruments 14. Perry & Piper Peach Craig Owens-Lead-Backing Vocals Trish Pate-Lead-Backing Vocals Otis Coen-All Instruments 15. Harlyn Honeydew Cynthia Larson-Lead & Backing Vocals Otis Coen-All Instruments Taylor & Emma Fischer - Backing Vocals 16. Zack Blackberry Anthony Cardoza -Vocals & Harmonica Stacee Akins-Backing Vocals Otis Coen-All Instruments Annie Steinhardt-Fiddle 17. Amy & Abby Bartlett Pears Stacee Akins-Lead & Backing Vocals Otis Coen-All Instruments Jim Hannibal - Saxophone Trudy's mission statement: "Let us eat healthy, exercise, wipe-out obesity, toss-out junk-food, and stomp-out bad eating habits!" These CD's embody her spirit and enduring quest for a healthier and happier mind and body, as well as her love for all children and their families worldwide. Trudy's CD's are brilliant, wholesome, certainly ageless and tons of fun. Kids love them, parents and grandparents dig them and teachers will surely appreciate them. Trudy has five grandchildren, ages two years to eighteen; Ryan, Ayden, Emma, Taylor and Rebecca. She currently resides in Aptos, California. "To know them is to love them, if you love them you will eat them, if you eat them you'll be healthy...then you'll live a healthier, happier life! ALL MUST EAT NUTRITIOUS...AMEN Be sure and check out 'Trudy's Farmer Market Kids, Fall In Love With Veggies.' One can't live without the other!


Artist: Trudy Maitoza
Title: Trudys Farmer Market Kids Fall in Love with Fruits
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 14/12/2013
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 888295023481


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