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Dust & Echoes

Dust & Echoes

  • By Vicky Emerson
  • Release 23/10/2012
  • Music Genre Folk
  • Media Format CD
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The new album, dust & echos, is an exquisite, sophisticated, deeply personal collection of songs spanning a chaotic two year period which allowed Vicky to discover new depths of her strength and grit. Vicky explains, "The title of the album is a testament to where I am in my life right now. No matter what happens, we are all a product of our past and the roles we come to play are influenced by our memories." Fans will not be disappointed as each track encompasses the folky, Americana vibe that Emerson has become so well known for. "No Glory" is an example of the enlightening, yet difficult realization we all come to when it is time to let go of the heavy burdens that others bring into our lives through anger and hurt. "Tennessee" is the coming-of-age realization that not everyone you fall in love with will return the sentiment. "Shine" is a gorgeous piano ballad dedicated to her daughter. The bridge highlights a universal feeling of all parents: "I'll do my best to make you proud, even though there will be days when I let you down." After a wildly successful Kickstarter campaign in July, Vicky returned to the The Library studio in Minneapolis where she joined forces with producer, Matt Patrick, who produced her critically acclaimed album, Long Ride, in 2009. Praise for Long Ride spanned the globe garnering comparisons to Lucinda Williams and Patty Griffin. Matt explained, 'As a person who produces records for a living, there are some albums that truly excite you. These are the ones you can't wait to show your family and friends. They don't come around as often as you'd like, so when they do, you cherish them in a different way. This is the scenario in working with Vicky Emerson. 'dust & echoes' is a delicate journey through life. From the profound love of a new child, to the grief of a passing friend and everything in between. Vicky has substantial depth to her writing that causes a desire in me to match it equally with the production. In the end, 'dust & echoes' is one of those that I am proud to show those closest to me.'


Artist: Vicky Emerson
Title: Dust & Echoes
Genre: Folk
Release Date: 23/10/2012
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 707541539890


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